Dear Parents,


Happy New Year!


We are proud to share with you our encouraging observation so far since the beginning of this school year. All our girls have demonstrated the learning habits and tactics learnt very well through note-taking, notes keeping, reflection, formative assessment and engagement-focused in lessons, which aim to inspire them to become strategic lifelong learners with effective learning habits.


Our girls continue to excel in external competitions ranging from physical arenas, getting the first runner-up in Girls Overall Championship in the ‘All Hong Kong Buddhist Secondary Schools The 29th Joint-School (2022-2023) Athletics Championship’, to citizenship development, receiving the most outstanding performance award in the ‘Design Thinking Summer 2022: Responsible Consumption for Sustainable Development’ organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the outstanding award in the "Basic Law, One Country and Two Systems Poster Competition" organised by Hong Kong Youth Nurture Association, and to language and arts contests in which our girl has attained good results in the "16th Filial Piety Essay Competition". Our girls have also been awarded the Championship, beating other secondary schools all over Hong Kong in the ‘Entrepreneur-to-be Competition’, in which the adjudicators described our team as‘exceptionally outstanding’in terms of entrepreneurship. The products they designed effectively raised the awareness of animal welfare and Hong Kong heritage. In the interviews with Singtao Daily and AM730, our F.5 girls even expressed the importance of effective communication, teamwork and time management on the journey to getting the championship.


Our teaching team’s effort has also been widely recognised. Our English Department has been invited by the Education Bureau to share our experience and expertise in devising curriculum with schools all over Hong Kong. Students have also been given opportunities to organise activities especially for our school anniversary including Interclass Competitions, Cultural Days, Class Morale Building Activities which not only serve as a chance for them to shine, demonstrate qualities of Perseverance, Empathy, Diligence and Integrity but also allow them to show love, build rapport and care for each other on these occasions. Isn’t it what friends and families are for?


We continue to look forward to more vibrant campus life in the second term with sprinkles of joy brought by New Year Bazaar, Parents Day, Athletic Meet, etc. While we strive for excellence in learning and supporting our girls, please also take good care of our health in this season.