The activity committee helps students pursue life-wide learning and expose other learning experiences through activities:

1. Every student must join a House (Red, Yellow, Blue or Green) as assigned to her by the school.

2. Students are encouraged to participate actively in co-curricular activities. There are 28 clubs in our school and they provide a diversity of activities for students. Students are expected to enroll themselves in 2 to 4 clubs excluding Library Club and Buddhist Society & Buddhist Youth Corps. in our school.

3. Various school activities are organised throughout the school year e.g. Life-wide learning activities, Singing Contest, School Anniversary and activities after the yearly examination. Our school also participates in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and the territory-wide sports activities.

4. To provide an all-round education for students and to realize the spirit of One Student One Musical Instrument", "One Student One PE Exercise" and "One Student One Service". The Music Department offers Chinese and Western musical instrument classes for student to enroll and the PE Department provides different sports and co-curricular activities with coaching by professionals.

5. A Letter / Memo / Notice for Parents will be issued when students are invited to an activity organized by the school.

6. Students should not withdraw or find excuses to absent themselves from competitions and activities, both for internal and external events. Good school spirit should be maintained at all times.  Students absent from activities without excusable reason will be punished.