The Student Development Committee emphasizes the united effort of all school personnel who, under the leadership of the school head, work together to create a positive learning atmosphere enriched with care, trust and mutual respect. Therefore, the school adopts dual form teacher policy and whole school approach, which stress the importance of a caring and inviting environment for students to enhance self-esteem and realize their potentials.

The work of the Student Development Committee considered to be of paramount importance to help our students realize and maximize their own potential, acquire life skills, develop positive values and be better equipped for future challenges. Being in the front line, form teachers are often in the best position to identify students in need of help and offer prompt assistance. With the cohesiveness of teachers, a positive and supportive environment is created for the growth of students.

The Student Development Committee also works closely with two school social workers provided by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.  They stay at school 4 days a week for providing professional counselling and guidance support for students. Students or parents who need guidance service can contact the school social worker directly or through teachers’ referral.