Academic Affairs:

1. Formulate the school academic policies such as homework policy and supplementary classes.
2.  Help the school to carry out routine academic affairs such as textbook list and timetables.
3.  Provide information and guidance for students' subject choices senior secondary.
4.  Provide support to non-Chinese speaking students such as offering the subjects Basic Chinese Languages and Liberal Studies (English).
5.  Broaden students' horizons and English proficiency by participating in the AFS Intercultural Exchange Programme.
6.  Help students to attend HKDSE subjects offered by external institutions.
7.  Coordinate the logistics of examinations and uniform tests.
8.  Evaluate and analyze students' academic performance in both internal and external examinations.
9.  Issue report cards to students after uniform tests and internal examinations.
10.  Organize pre-S1 Attainment Test & S3 TSA.
11.  Handle HKDSE affairs including applications and submission of students' SBA work.
12.  Handle affairs of other examinations held by external institutions other than the HKEAA

 Learning Enhancement:

1. Enhance students' langauge learning across curriculum.
2.  Coordinate the collaboration among different subjects such as open class observations.
3.  Promote staff professional development by lesson observations.
4.  Cultivate students' reading habbit through various activities like reading lessons, sharing sessions, reading schemes, book recommendations, etc.
5.  Stretch students' potential by offering gifted education programmes.
6.  Promote STEM education by offering both internal and external courses and participating in external competitions activley.
7.  Nominate and select students for awards and scholarships presented by external organizations.