Academic Affairs Committee

Committee Head: WP Cheng



. Curriculum

WP Cheng

- Textbook

IF Li, TC Lau, YH Leung

- Timetabling

TT Chan, YH Leung, TK Choy, YY Wong

- Subject Selection

WP Cheng, YH Leung, YT Mak

- Non-Chinese Speaking Students

KL Yeung, SL Cheung, SS Puk

- External DSE Programmes (PE, Music, French, Japanese) 

CW Chan Yeung, MS Kong Lee, JH Li

2. Examinations and Assessment Team

TT Chan

- Uniform Test & Examinations

TT Chan, YY Wong, WP Cheng, YH Leung, KM Tang

- Students' Reports and Records

TK Choy, YT Mak, HW Tai, KM Tang, YY Wong

- Pre-S1 Attainment Test & TSA

SJ Leung, YH Leung


TT Chan, YY Wong, YH Leung, KM Tang

- Other Examinations

LM Hung, KL Chan

 Learning Enhancement Committee

Committee Heads: MT Wong 



1. Language Across Curriculum 

KW Ngan, HY Fung, IF Li, YY Wong, WY Yip

2. Reading and Library 

KL Leung, YM Tsang, SL Cheung, EMI, NS Woo, KW Yip, HW Liu, TC Lau, SIMS, ON Tai

3. Gifted Education 

YY Wong, CL Cheung, HN Ho

4. Awards & Scholarships

EMI, HY Fung, CM Pun, SS Puk

5. Learning Tactical

MT Wong, SL Cheung, HY Fung, WY Lam, NS Woo