Dear Parents,


With the joint effort of all stakeholders especially parents and teachers, our DSE 2023 and JUPAS results turn out to be very encouraging to all of us. The percentage of level 4, 5, 5* or above of various subjects is higher than Hong Kong average. The university admission rate has increased tremendously.


In order to continue to prepare students to be global citizens and equip them with the essential knowledge and skills to face future challenges, the school’s two major concerns in the school years 2023 – 2025 are as follows:


Learning and teaching


-          Inspiring and supporting students of different abilities to become strategic learners and excel in multiple academic endeavors in life-long learning


Student development


-          Cultivating positive values (perseverance, diligence, integrity and empathy), leadership and life planning skills to foster students’ whole-person development


In response to the above major concerns, there will be strategies for learning, assessments and activities.




We believe positive learning outcomes are brought by good learning habits. With the foundation of the note-taking habit fostered, students’ self-directed learning strategies will be stepped up by strengthening pre-lesson preparation in a systematic way.


In order to enhance retention of learning, we will continue to incorporate strategies to help students build habits of note-taking in lessons and tidying up notes for future references after class. Moreover, your daughter should prepare for lessons every day by completing short tasks assigned by subject teachers. With the peer-collaboration culture refined by role-assigning and other tactics, students can be strategically engaged and become more proactive in the learning process both inside and after class. Parental support to these strategies is important in benefiting your daughter’s studies.




Formative assessments will continue to be conducted to see students’ learning progress and adjust the teaching pace. Assessment data will be utilized to cater for learner diversity, for example, follow-up on academic performance and subject streaming strategies.




Upholding Buddha’s teaching of relief through mercy and compassion and the school motto ‘Realizing Buddha’s Nature through Mind Enlightenment’, there will be two Meditation Weeks. Your daughter should take the time to refresh herself for spiritual growth and be better prepared for the school year by tidying up her notes, devising and implementing plans for revision before assessments and participating in extra-curricular activities and excursions. With systematic approach to developing students’ life planning skills and leadership, this will be conducive to her whole-person development.


To strengthen core values in relation to the school motto through Buddhist teaching, the school will continue to expose students to various Buddhism-related experience, including meditation, Buddhist story telling, Buddha bathing and the Conversion Ceremony to enrich your daughter’s experience as a student in a Buddhist school.


Together with the Quality Education Fund (QEF) of more than one million on reading promotion, we are confident that our girls will excel with the guidance of all the stakeholders. Let us continue to work hand in hand, side by side, heart to heart and soul to soul.