Dear Parents,


   The new start of the school term is always exciting and we look forward to seeing our LKL girls coming back refreshed and recharged after this not-so-long summer vacation.


   Our LKL girls and teachers never cease to amaze us even during vacation. The active participation in various programs is a solid proof of our girls’ perseverance, just to name some,


   - Summer Internship Scheme

   - Theatre Dance Training

   - 3rd Hong Kong Schools Mathematics Challenge 2022

   - Buddhist Youth Volleyball Competition 2022

   - Dragon Boat Training and Competition

   - Various Sports Team Training

   - Various local cultural exchanges and visits


   On top of that, our school has got an EDB’s grant of $2 million for the campus beautification and the construction around which tells us that we are going to have ever-advancing environment for study. We have also obtained Beat Drugs Fund and Quality Education Fund of almost 1.5 million dollars in total for broadening students’ horizons and fostering positive students’ development.


   We also have some good news to break. Our Dragon Boat Team has obtained the 4th place in 2022 Six People Dragon Boat Challenge. 6D Yung C. C. has been awarded as the Outstanding Student in Tuen Mun District 2022. 6D Lee Y. K. and 6A Fatima T. Z. have obtained the merits of the Outstanding Student in Tuen Mun District 2022. 18 junior form students stand out in 3rd Hong Kong Schools Mathematics Challenge 2022, winning 2 first runners-up, 5 second runners-up, 2 gold awards, 1 silver awards, 2 bronze awards and 6 certificates of excellence. 


   Our F.6 graduates have got satisfactory JUPAS offers including admissions to various programs in the HKU, CUHK and HKUST.


   LKL is celebrating her 50th anniversary in 2023. With the support of the IMC, the school sponsoring body and the joint effort of all stakeholders, we have rooted with encouraging reputation in this area. In this family, we grow strong and wise together. We look forward to all of your participation on this celebratory occasion together with a series of meaningful activities and programs. Just like what LKL has been upholding, we maintain students’ exposure and life-wide experiences despite COVID. To achieve complete and safe campus life, vaccination is an important condition to fulfill.


   Looking forward to meeting all of you face-to-face in the upcoming school activities.