Dear Parents,


Here we’ve come to 2024, another exciting year ahead! I’m wishing everyone in our LKL family a year filled with the profound vision to set and achieve goals, the courage to explore and discover and a positive mindset to embrace challenges.


At the school opening ceremony, I once shared the idea of "True Beauty comes from Within". With the completion of the First Term, I hope that LKL girls have kept and will persist to stick with a kind heart and bear in mind our core values "Perseverance", "Integrity", "Empathy" and "Diligence" while being actively involved in all aspects of school life so as to meet the changes and challenges encountered in study or life.


Positive education has always been one of the development directions of our school. Continuous positive education leads to positive thinking. It is always on our mind that students should establish positive values and equip themselves to face the challenges of growth proactively. This year, our school has successfully applied for a grant of over HK$130,000 from the Education Bureau’s Quality Education Fund, for promoting positive values. We firmly believe positive thinkers regularly build a reserve of positive attitudes by constantly feeding their mind on the pure, the powerful and the positive on a daily basis. They are the winners who recognize their limitations, but focus on their strengths.


In addition, LKL girls have performed well academically and achieved impressive results in 2023 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. The rate of students achieving Level 4, 5 or 5* or above in different subjects including Chinese Language, English Language, Liberal Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese History, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Economics and Visual Arts is higher than that in Hong Kong, which is among the best in the past six years. The admission rate of our graduates to universities as well as the value-added performance is also far higher than previous years, and the results are encouraging.


As always, our school, together with all stakeholders, will work hand in hand, side by side for LKL girl’s growth and learning needs. That is what we call ‘companionship’, which we will continue to safeguard and empower our girls to be lifelong learners and the productive members of the society. Cheers to health, wealth and happiness, everyone!